V International Children's Festival of Performing Arts "The Bird"

Date: 6 - May 8, 2011


Khust regional public organization "The Hammer"

Department of Education RSA Khust



European Civic Forum

Children's playground "Snail" (Kyiv)

Project Coordinator: Tatyana Belousova

tel .. +380973334121

e-mail: belkaaaaa@mail.ru

Venue: Club Valley Khustets in village Nizhne Selishe, Hust district, Transcarpathian region, secondary school in village Nizhne Selishe, Hust district, Transcarpathian region.


Over the last decade the development of cultural life is marked by the efficient activity of artistic groups and formations, which are usually located in large cities. That’s way, the periphery turns out such processes and is the part of society, where art is incomprehensible and distant.


Provide opportunities for free creative space for artists from different parts of Ukraine, Europe and directly by the inhabitants of small villages to enhance the lives of disadvantaged young people, sharing experiences, creating new projects and community initiatives in small rural towns and villages.

Events that take place during the three days of the festival:

- Performances of children's theater companies (village Nizhne Selishe, Crimea, Slovakia)

- Youth Theatre Group performances (village Nizhne Selishe, Rivne, Lviv, city Biel, Switzerland)

-  Showing animations and short films on a big screen

- Conducting workshops on learning traditional Hungarian and local village dance accompaniment by alive musicians

- A workshop on mastering the fundamentals of circus arts: juggling, stilts, fire-show

- A workshop on making traditional dolls of Carpathian mountains

- A workshop on making metal jewelry

- Basket weaving

- Candle making

- Work with clay

- Work with installations


1. Theater companies:

Theatre-Studio “Chiga-Biga"(village Nyzhne Selishe, Hust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine) Children's Drama Studio Chiga-Biga was established in 2005 with support of Transcarpathian Association of local development  and local secondary school.

The following productions have taken place:

- Performances: 2006 - "Little Prince" with the same name philosophical tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery;

2007 - "Man on Olympus", Felix Krivin;

2007 - contemporary performance "Bird";

2008 - "Hare in the Panther's Skin", S. Hyerzhyk;

2008 - "Tree of changes", M. Humelov;

2009 – “Warsaw tocsin”, S. Korostylov;

Studies on educational topics, which make think about things relevant to youth such as smoking, alcoholism, relationships, sex and equality and diversity.

On this basis the decision was made to organize children's theater festival "Bird" since 2007 in the village Nyzhne Selishe, Hust district, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine. The festival, which runs three days and includes performances presented by teams from Kyiv, Kherson, Rivne, Zdolbuniv, Luck(Ukraine), Austria, and local theater studies, conducted master classes from theatre experts from Ukraine, Poland, England and Austria, Germany.

Currently, in theater-studio, there are three age groups, in which more than 60 children undergo training which includes such items as:

- The basis of acting

- Scenic language

- Stage movement

- The basis of mime,

- Rhythmic,

- Choreography.

- Clown skills;

- Acrobatics;

- Juggling, Diabolo, Devil stiks.

The theater-studio Team:

"Fundamentals of acting", "stage language", "stage movement", Basic mime - Tatiana Belousova,

Teacher of choreography and rhythmic - Sinyuk Eugene,

Instructor on the fundamentals of circus arts - Pascal Reader, Germany.

Other children’s theatre groups who attend the festival:

Children's theater group of Crimean Tatars in Crimea.

Children's Theatre Studio YMCA, Slovakia.

Theater group «Next step» (Rivne).

Theater of shadows "To See" (Lviv).

Children's Playgrounds:

Children's Playground "Snail" (Kyiv)


Works in the center of modern art "Roof" in Kyiv. The aim of their research is the development of interactive art and cognitive measures of family entertainment.

Club animators fun KLAWIS (Lviv).


Musical group "Hudaki (Village Nizhne Selishe, Hust district, Transcarpathian region).

A musical collective "Selys'ka songs" (Village Nizhne Selishe, Hust district, Transcarpathian region).

Paul Family foil team (Budapest, Hungary).

Each element brings together participants in a particular creative matter (audience become direct participants in the dramatized story, overcoming certain obstacles, creating the necessary elements for performance art)



14.00 - Opening of the festival.

14.30 - 16.00 - Opening of creative workshops: Dance Transcarpathia, clay, basket weaving, traditional dolls making, circus skills, games.

16.00 - "Alice Through the Looking Glass," Studio Theatre Performance "Chiga-Biga".

17.00 - 18.00 - Workshops: Dance Transcarpathia, clay, basket weaving, traditional dolls making, circus skills, games.

18.00 - Shadow performance "To See", Lviv(Ukraine)

20.00 – Hudaki village Band

21.00 - Fire show.


14.00 – performance from Children's Theatre-Studio from Crimea.

15.00 - 18.00 - Workshops: Hungarian Dances, clay, basket weaving, traditional dolls making, circus skills, games.

18.00 - Theatrical performance "Flight".

20.00 -22.00 - Outdoor cinema. Show of short films and animations from young artists from around the world on outdoor big screen.


14.00 - Children's Theatre-Studio «Next step», Slovakia.

15.00 - 18.00 - Workshop: Romanian Dances, clay, basket weaving, traditional dolls making, circus skills, games.

18.00 - Performance from mime group«Next step», Rivne.

20.00 - Closing of the festival.

20.30 -  Alive music . Statements of street artists. BonFire.
 Approximate budget is 64 000 (UAH) or 5 000 pounds.